Defensive Pistol

Defensive Pistol is quite simply the use of practical equipment to resolve self-defense simulations. Individuals partaking in Defensive Pistol scenarios are required to utilize practical handguns, holsters, and personal defense ammunition. No “competition only” equipment is allowed! The ability of the individual and not the equipment is the premise behind this style of shooting.


• To promote safe and proficient use of firearms and related equipment for self-defense use.
• To provide the individuals with practical and realistic courses of fire.
• To offer the individual an opportunity to develop their concentration and shooting skills with the support of like-minded shooters


• Standard Stock Service pistols, If you would not carry it to defend yourself you can't use it in Defensive Pistol
• It must be concealable, suitable for continuous wear and worn in the correct manner

The Range Officer reserves the right to dismiss any participant not meeting these guidelines.


Every Monday night starting around 6:30pm
Standard Range fees and ammunition still apply
Members receive their standard benefits
• Please see store associate for details.